Ada Zanditon Couture presents: MonDeities - Episode 8 with EMILY - Calderwood Illustrations

Episode 8 with Artist, Illustrator, Politics made pink Goddess EMILY - Calderwood illustrations MonDeities - Insta Live / IGTV Series via @adazanditoncouture - Posts on @fashionunfucked and Youtube - Please read more for links to Black Lives Matter and Stonewall Housing Visit Emily's Linktree: Follow Emily on Instagram: Links to other activists mentioned by EMILY during the episode: Florence Given Munroe Bergdorf Africa Brooke Gina Martin Black Lives Matter If you are able to please donate to a Black Lives Matter cause: and there are many more out there that I am sharing on Instagram Stories Another way you can help Black Lives Matter whether you can afford to donate or not is to stream this video on youtube - turn off ad blocker: I'm wearing my Pride x Stonewall Housing choker in this video: Please donate directly to Stonewall Housing if you are able to: Follow Ada Zanditon Couture and MonDeities on Instagram: Shop / Subscribe to Ada Zanditon Couture:

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