Cheddar Gorgeous


@cheddar_gorgeous - loved creating this harness and headpiece and I love the concept, message and artistry that Cheddar imbues them with 🙏❤️ Read more below and see their post as this incredible image is part of a series on the colours and values of #pride
#repost @cheddar_gorgeous
The first colour on the rainbow flag stood for one of the most interesting things we know of in the!
It's fair to say that life on earth without...well life, would be pretty dull. There's a theory (one with some considerable evidence) that human activity is leading to a 6th major extiction event in the history of our planets history...which given that usually it takes a giant asteroid or an ice age is a pretty impressive feat. Whilst they probably couldn't finish off the entire project they have a good chance of wiping out a whole lot of cool stuff...including humanity. .
Photo by @faketrashstudio
Headpiece and harness by @adazanditoncouture
Featuring cruelty free and vegan cosmetics by @muobu

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