THE BB SET (NEW) - Ada Zanditon Couture
THE BB SET - Ada Zanditon Couture
THE BB SET - Ada Zanditon Couture
THE BB SET (NEW) - Ada Zanditon Couture
THE BB SET (NEW) - Ada Zanditon Couture
THE BB SET (NEW) - Ada Zanditon Couture
Ada Zanditon Couture


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BOSS B*TCH? BABES GIRL? BARBECUE? It's whatever you make it DEITY and ultimately it's a kick ass harness set! There is only 1 of this set in stock. 

This set includes: 

The BB Harness - Like the Queen Collar round the neck and continues into a harness that features layered bust armour and an adjustable elastic bust strap for comfort. Cup sizes - A to F but if you need it fit bigger than 34F it will need to be custom made not the stock item.  Silver nickel hardware and chains as pictured. 

PRESS SAMPLE Fits uk size 8 to 12 as made. For all other sizes and once the 1 only press sample set is gone - for any size - and quality new - pick MADE TO ORDER and email me your measurements:   

Please note I will NOT be doing ANY changes to the press sample set - that is why the price is reduced. If you want a BB Set that has not been worn for editorials and is made to your measurements - you need to pick Made to Order. The material and hardware is in stock.                     

The BB Belt - A sweet sexy belt that perfectly compliments the harness with same sizing as Harness 

A matching black signature design of mine - The Tulip Thong - which will be like the one pictured but made for you when you order - so don't forget to email me what size the thong should be. 

BB Leg garters - as pictured the BB leg garter go around your thigh and fasten with side release clips - don't forget to let me know your thigh measurement so I can make sure these are the right size for you when placing your order. As made fit generally size 8 to 12. 

So in summary - that's 5 killer pieces that you can wear either separately or together for the full BB Look! As worn by me (Ada) for the Self Styled project - by photographer Anthony Lycett.

If you want it in a different colour - it can be made to order so again - drop me an email at :) It will depend what colours I have in stock how fast a custom request can be fulfilled. 

(Please note: Gloves, Boots, Cuffs and Choker are items I have styled with the set in these pictures - they are not part of the set.) 

Please note you can now pay in our shop with Klarna - this option is available after you complete the shipping form. You'll be able to select to pay in 30 days or for orders over £35 total in 3 instalments!

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