Pride T Harness X Stonewall Housing - Ada Zanditon Couture
Pride T Harness X Stonewall Housing - Ada Zanditon Couture
Ada Zanditon Couture

Pride T Harness X Stonewall Housing

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The Pride T Harness X Stonewall Housing celebrates every Deity in the LGBTQ + community with a heart for every colour from the pride flag including Black and Brown. We have partnered with Stonewall Housing (founded in 1983) and £9 from every sale of this Harness will be donated to them helping LGBTQ + people live in safer homes, free from fear. We encourage that our Pride T Harness can be worn by everyone including our cisgender heterosexual ally deities. 

As a Queer Bisexual Londoner this cause is close to Ada Zanditon's heart. If you are able to and wish to you can also donate directly to Stonewall Housing and read more about their work here:

See also our Pride Choker X Stonewall Housing:

We have raised £295 so far from the sales of Pride pieces for Stonewall Housing.

Featured in The Advocate:

Featured in Boyfriend Magazine:

We use 1mm thick PVC which warms up to body temperature - making them both comfortable and stylish. Each heart is riveted onto a clear 2cm wide strap and each rivet is hand embellished with a Preciosa crystal. This harness fastens at the back of the neck with the neck strap and the back of the waist with the waist strap - it can be worn over a t shirt, dress, with nipple pasties or nothing at all. 

Neck sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XL - When closed it fits neck sizes from 31 to 53 cm and every 2cm in between, the total length of the neck strap being 53cm. This means you can style the neck strap how you like to wear it. 

The waist strap is different depending on the size you select: 

Small - Waist Strap fits from 60cm to 76cm

Medium - Waist Strap fits from 77 to 88cm

Large - 

Waist Strap fits from 89 cm to 100cm 

XL - Waist Strap fits from 100 to 120 cm

The neon and clear colours will glow in UV light. You can also make it playful by attaching your own leash/ lead or other accessories to either of the metal o rings. 

The closure on the back is a Sam Browne fastening in Silver. 

We are going to be making more Pride styles, including more of this harness and if you have a harness design in mind that you'd like made in this theme - please let us know - we will keep partnering with Stonewall Housing on our Pride styles. 

To look after your harness we recommend wiping them clean after use and keeping them dry and polishing the hardware regularly.  If you have previously bought one of our Pride themed pieces at an event - we also donated a percentage of your purchase in the past to various charities. 

Drop us an email at 

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