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The Divine Hive Lattice Dress

I'm not sure what to tell you about the this dress but I did start making it in 2009 and then worked on it for a couple of days a year until 2019 when it was finally completed! 

It is made of 100% European woven Linen that was part of my prize from the Masters of Linen. 

I started out with the flat material and cut it into various widths of Bias strips and then stitched it together the way you stitch Bias Binding. 

Then each section of the pattern for the silhouette of the dress was mapped with the Lattice pattern - in Hexagon's inspired by Bees and their Hives. 

Each Panel of the dress was then woven from the Bias strips. Eventually the panels sat around for long periods of time - waiting for the time when eventually they would be stitched together to form the dress. 

That eventually happened in 2019 and first without being fully complete I showed it on stage at Fabric for the show I did for HE.SHE.THEY. 

The edges and detail was completed for the show I did in at Krypt Club in September 2019 and worn by my friend Tequila Adams. 

I then photographed the dress on model Witchy Pixie. This entire process happened over a time span of 10 years. It is utterly unique and handmade. 

I will also send you a framed signed print of my photograph that I took of Witchy Pixie wearing the dress with your order. 

Needless to say - I'm not going to be repeating this design. 

It fits UK size 6 to 10 and fastens at the front with embroidered hooks. 

I am also going to donate hopefully £500 of the sale of this piece to various LGBTQIA / BLM causes and will send you the donation receipts with your order. If you want to make a socially distanced appointment to try it on or look at it over Zoom - please send me an email. 

Any further questions: adazanditonsales@gmail.com 

This piece is not available for photoshoots - only to purchase. 

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