The Ada Zanditon Couture mission is for our creations to imbue the wearer with the energetic spirit of their inner warrior deity.

look through the images below to see a selection of ada zanditon couture made to order creations.

We create extraordinary couture for individuals to feel emboldened and be adorned with design that empowers their ability to express the spirit of who they truly are.

We wish to celebrate both interior and exterior without conforming to expectations of gender, size, or any other factor.

Every person is physically and spiritually unique. Our made to measure service is more than just measurements! it Is about creating extraordinary designs for the unique INDIVIDUAL that is you!

for made to order creations please contact the Atelier via the form below: 

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Everything we create in our atelier is made from the finest quality materials including leather, using her a wide variety of techniques including Ada's signature modular construction technique.

Our specialty leatherwork: Combining traditional and modern methods of craftsmanship, the leather is foil blocked and laser cut so that each component of the completed design is both precise and exquisite. The pieces are then assembled entirely by hand and embellished with PRECIOSA crystals to produce elegant, yet powerful, designs that are truly innovative and unique.

Ada Zanditon creates exquisite dresses and corsets made to measure and has worked on a wide range of costumes for musicians, drag, burlesque and many different performers - Contact us using the form ABOVE to explore together the incredible possibilities that we can create and bring to life!  

Accessories are available to purchase directly from our online shop.  Please let us know, using the form on this page, if you would like to receive occasional updates when new collections are added to the shop. 

We have also launched our Etsy store for exclusive limited edition pieces - scroll down on any page on the site to the direct link to our Etsy shop.